LPG Cylinder

LPG Cylinder Price November: Government oil companies have decided to give relief to domestic LPG consumers amid Corona virus infection and rising inflation.The oil companies have given a Diwali gift to consumers by making no change in the prices of LPG Cylinder for the month of November.Earlier in October, there was no change in the price of LPG cylinder. The price of commercial gas cylinders has increased up to Rs 78.Government oil companies have continued the policy of declaring the price of LPG cylinders on the first date of every month. Under this, expressions were issued even today.According to the website of Indian Oil, the price of 14.2 kg LPG Cylinder in the capital Delhi will be Rs 594 in November. The cylinder was also available at the same price last month.Similarly, its price will be Rs 620.50 in Kolkata and Rs 594 in Mumbai. This cylinder will be available in Chennai for Rs 610. There is no change in their prices. LPG Cylinder of 19KG becomes expensive by Rs 78
Commercial cylinder prices have certainly been increased.Chennai will now have to pay Rs 1354 for a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder, which is Rs 78 more than the previous month.Last month, it was available in Chennai for Rs 1276. In Mumbai and Kolkata also, its price has increased by Rs 76. It will now be available for Rs 1198.50 in Mumbai and Rs 1296 in Kolkata.Last month, its price in Mumbai and Kolkata was Rs 1113.50 and Rs 1220 respectively. In the capital Delhi too, its price has increased by Rs 75.50 to Rs 1241.50. It was available for Rs 1166 last month.Earlier in July, the price of 14 kg LPG Cylinder was increased by 4 rupees. At the same time, during June this year, 14.2 kg non-subsidized LPG cylinder became expensive by Rs 11.50 in Delhi, while it was cheaper by Rs 162.50 in May.

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